About leading edge

Leading Edge is a community-driven platform and publication created to connect and empower youth coaches and educators to be the best leaders they can. Through stories, interviews, and videos created for and by our community of leaders, Leading Edge strives to deliver free, expert insight and inspiration in the areas of leadership and peak performance.

Leading Edge contributors are coaches, educators, researchers, and thought leaders who are eager to share their wisdom accumulated through decades of experience as innovators in their field. Inspired by the coaching clinics upon which many of the coaches in our network depend, Leading Edge is committed to making expert content accessible to anyone interested in becoming a better leader – regardless of location or cost.

Leading Edge works together with its parent company, Snap! Raise, to provide educational programs the support they need, so their shared community of over 30,000 coaches and group leaders can focus on what they do best: lead.



Advisory Board 

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Cole Morgan

CEO of Snap! Raise

" The impact a great leader can have on a kid is something that sticks with them for the rest of their life – the more tools we can give to those leaders, the greater impact they’ll have for generations to come."

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Jennifer Cohen 

Athletic Director at University
of Washington 

" Leading Edge captures meaningful stories that inspire coaches and educators to stay focused on their most critical
role—developing people."