Getting Better: Learning From Our Community


What We’ve Learned From You

In our continual pursuit to improve Leading Edge as a resource and platform, we surveyed our community of educators, coaches, and group leaders to get a better sense of the kind of content you're interested in seeing. Many of the responses surprised us. We appreciate you challenging our assumptions because it helps us get better at what we do. In the words of one of your go-to inspirational quotes, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

We learned that about half of you rely on online sources like blogs and YouTube to get your information about improving as a coach or leader, but the majority of you prefer to get your information from clinics, as well as from other coaches. While online sources are convenient, it was illuminating to discover that in-person interactions are what you value most. As one of you wrote, “we are better together.”

There are two main ways you like to get leadership advice: first, by researching new insights on a daily basis through media, books, and conversations, and second, by taking time once a year to focus intensely on improving as a leader, most commonly in the form of clinics and training programs. We want to keep these different approaches in mind so we can connect you with content that works best for you.

Content that focuses on team building, including topics like group psychology and organizational excellence, received the most interest. Many of you also expressed interest in content that covers self improvement topics, such as goal setting, leadership, and discipline.

Finally, you reminded us that interpersonal connections are the most important part of the work you do. It's our mission to help facilitate and celebrate these connections here on Leading Edge.