The Joy of Leadership

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Book title: The Joy of Leadership

Author: Tal Ben-Shahar, Angus Ridgeway

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Submitted by:

Brian Spielman, Assistant Coach

Bainbridge Island Basketball


Through engaging anecdotal examples and clear framework to put into practice, The Joy of Leadership clearly illuminates a path to more connected and effective leadership.

Key Takeaway / How I've implemented

Since reading, I’ve revisted the S.H.A.R.P. model many times:

Strengths: stop trying to eliminate weaknesses and learn to focus on strengths.

Health: stop trying to eliminate stress and learn how to integrate periods of restoration

Absorption: stop waiting for the lightning of focus and creativity to strike and learn how to achieve consistent engagement and presence

Relationships: stop trying to exert power and control and learn to cultivate healthy relationships through positivity and authenticity

Purpose: stop grinding out tasks and learn how to find meaning and commitment in everything they do

Favorite Quotes

“Learn to fail or fail to learn”

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